Australian Senate Inquiry


Tax insights

Your tax affairs in the public spotlight: Edition 2

Further update on the recently announced Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance.

  • Recent comments made by the Chair of the Senate Committee conducting the inquiry into corporate tax avoidance may indicate the areas of focus to be examined by the inquiry. In that regard, the comments suggest that the focus is on the tax system, rather than the behaviour of companies operating within the system.
  • The comments made may be of particular interest for those companies currently considering their response to Senate Committee.
  • The Inquiry was referred to the Economics References Committee (the Senate Committee) to report by the first sitting day of June 2015 – see the recent Deloitte Tax Insights publication, “Your tax affairs in the public spotlight” which outlines the terms of reference of the Inquiry, highlights recent overseas experience with similar inquiries and notes that, in addition to a general invitation for submissions, the Senate Committee also sent invitations to specific companies and organisations inviting them to make a submission to the inquiry.
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