Broker Radar


Broker Radar

Unlocking the data

Quickly and effectively analyse Australian Border Force data to manage compliance, identify recovery opportunities and drive meaningful results for your customers.

Are you a customs broker who would like easy access to data analytics to manage your compliance risks and easily identify opportunities for your customers?

Broker Radar is an online tool designed for customs brokers to upload Australian Border Force import files. These are processed by a sophisticated data analytics engine to provide insights on items such as, possible refund opportunities, issues in relation to inconsistent use of Tariff Classification and comprehensive statistics around a client’s import profile.

This easy-to-use functionality takes you quickly from the big picture view to the detailed import declarations.

How can we help?

Deloitte have utilised the trusted expertise of our Tax practice to develop an online tool – Broker Radar. Our extensive customs and global trade knowledge is coded into our data analytics engine, as is all the relevant legislation. Our team will manage Broker Radar to reflect any changes to legislation.

How it works?

Broker Radar uses analytics to produce reports that are relevant to customs brokers. Brokers can easily view dashboards, interact with the results, download the underlying customs data and view detailed reports.

Key benefits

Key benefits
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More information

More information is available in our brochure

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