Fuel Tax Radar


Fuel Tax Radar

A tool to help your business find more fuel tax credits, simply.

Claiming fuel tax credits is often overlooked, because the process can be so complicated. The Fuel Tax Radar makes it simple and easy to claim.

Businesses are entitled to claim fuel tax credits for the excise embedded in the cost of fuel that they use in their business.

Recovering these tax credits can provide a significant reduction to fuel operating costs.

Accurately determining your full entitlement is a complex process. Our experience in over 900 companies shows that this complexity has led to the systematic under claiming of fuel tax credits or companies not claiming at all. 

How can we help?

Deloitte’s solution takes your fuel tax claims to a new level of detail, unlocking additional refunds.

With your permission, we work directly with your GPRS provider to collect your data and process your results. This approach reduces the burden on your team, allowing you to keep your business moving forward.

Key benefits
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Fuel tax radar dashboard
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How it works

We process your GPS and engine management data through a sophisticated and intuitive mapping technology. This technology includes our extensive “Deloitte built” off-road locations database. Our calculations use verified algorithms to calculate propel distances, idle time as well as fuel consumption at specific locations.

Fuel Tax Radar also uses industry benchmarking to ensure you don’t miss any credits.

How it works
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More information

More information is available in our brochure

Contact us fueltaxradar@deloitte.com.au to discuss how we can help you to make the most from your fuel tax claim with the Fuel Tax Radar.

The Australian Tax Office has details on what fuels and business activities are eligible to claim.

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