Global Workforce


Global Workforce

Organisations today are faced with an increasingly complex global talent landscape. The workforce is becoming more agile, diversified and on demand, leading organisations to re-evaluate their views on mobility and their global workforce.

Global Mobility Transformation

In this ever changing environment, an organisation must continually evolve it’s approach to Global Mobility and Talent Management to ensure it meets the needs of its employees and the business, and manages risk and compliance.

Deloitte’s market leading Global Workforce team works with organisations to optimise their current approach to global mobility, aligning to business and talent strategies and using process optimisation and digital to create an exceptional employee experience and to create an agile and sustainable mobility program that caters for future generations.

We also partner with organisations looking to 'Go Global', putting in place a practical global mobility framework and supporting tools to take their workforce mobility to the next level.

Global Workforce Labs

A Global Workforce Lab can help organisations to start or continue their global mobility journey and to address and overcome a range of challenges. Each Lab is tailored to the participants using our tried and tested methodology. A Lab is an opportunity to take time out of business as usual to disrupt ordinary thinking and review your global workforce challenges in a collaborative way.

Labs can be designed for all organisations within any industry, regardless of the size of their global workforce population. We have designed Labs for organisations that have just started sending employees overseas all the way through to organisations that have over 500 expatriates.

Business Travel Services

Authorities around the world are increasing scrutiny on business travellers and viewing them as a potential source of revenue. Organisations are now faced with increasingly onerous reporting obligations even where they may not have a registered presence. There is particular emphasis on ensuring employees are immigration compliant ahead of travelling to avoid significant financial penalties, reputational damage and potential personal discomfort if stopped at a border.

Deloitte’s Business Travel Services (BTS) helps organisations manage and mitigate these risks ahead of travel, during travel and in retrospect. We deploy a holistic approach that covers traveller behaviour, effective use of technology, data analytics and design of downstream service models to manage the major challenges faced by organisations.

Digital Workforce

We help organisations accelerate Global Mobility to a digital, data driven business function, helping to reshape strategy and the way mobility interacts with the wider business.

The next 5 years will be a period of significant technological advancement for Global Mobility and HR. This presents a challenge in effectively shaping and navigating the digital journey; but also great opportunity in enhancing employee experience, streamlining operations and aligning Global Mobility to business outcomes.

Adopting a human-centred approach and focusing on digital enablers can enable Global Mobility to become truly simple, predictive and personal. Our capabilities range from mobility and predictive analytics to data visualisation and artificial intelligence."

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Will Schofield

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Kathryn Osborn

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