Indirect tax technology solutions


Indirect tax technology solutions

Finding indirect tax cash savings can involve detailed analysis of very large volumes of data, and requires a firm grasp of indirect taxes from systems and business process perspectives. Our technology solutions specialists have the background and the tax technical expertise to help you capture savings through all stages of the full 'record to report' tax cycle.

Input Tax Accelerator®

Our innovative methodology could provide a one-off cash injection for your business.

Input Tax Accelerator® has the potential to unlock cash flow and provide a significant one-off cash injection to a business.

GST Radar

GST Radar®, our GST data analytics solution, interrogates your data to uncover GST opportunities and exposures. GST Radar® identifies GST exceptions that may be costing you money, as well as providing valuable insights into your business.

Learn more about GST Radar®, and our other technology-based GST review offerings.

GST Radar®

Online GST Contract Review

When dealing with contracts it is important to know that the GST implications are clearly understood, your risk mitigated and your obligations met. You need direct concise answers delivered on your timeline.

Online GST Contract Review is an online solution providing the risk mitigation you require in a timely manner at a fixed price.

Learn more about Online GST Contract Review.

Online GST Contract Review

Fuel Tax Radar

A tool to help your business find more fuel tax credits, simply.

Claiming fuel tax credits is often overlooked, because the process can be so complicated. The Fuel Tax Radar makes it simple and easy to claim.

Learn more about Fuel Tax Radar and how it can help your business.

Fuel Tax Radar

Global Trade Radar

Global Trade Radar is Deloitte’s proprietary, multi-jurisdictional customs data analytics solution.

Whether the customs function is undertaken in-house or outsourced, Global Trade Radar can give greater insight into a business’s global customs profile, to facilitate informed decision-making, identify opportunities, and address compliance weaknesses.

Learn more about Global Trade Radar and how it can help your business.

Global Trade Radar

Financial Acquisitions Threshold Testing

The financial acquisitions threshold test or FAT test has become a standard menu item for all GST audits. If you don’t know your FAT risk profile and you don’t have a FAT management program in place then this is a potential risk area for your business.

Learn more about the FAT test.

FAT testing

Broker Radar

Quickly and effectively analyse Australian Border Force data to manage compliance, identify recovery opportunities and drive meaningful results for your customers.

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Broker Radar