Mergers and acquisitions – Specialisations

Our national team has experience across a broad range of industries and transactions including IPOs, infrastructure, private equity, trade sales, and private clients.


When putting together a bid for infrastructure assets, managing the tax impact of the investment structure is a critical consideration. Our mergers & acquisitions tax team works to support the objectives of various stakeholders in the current landscape of increasing tax scrutiny.

We can provide guidance on financing, including the level of gearing and source of funds. We can also assist clients in managing their affairs to preserve tax losses and explore commercial opportunities.

Private Equity

In a complex regulatory environment, it is more important than ever to consider tax as part of planning for both investment and divestment. Our mergers & acquisitions tax team provides market leading advice on structuring acquisitions and exits for private equity funds.

We help our clients move quickly to understand available legal structures, review opportunities and mitigate transaction risk. We share our transaction experience to provide valuable insights into the transaction process and market opportunities.

Initial Public Offering

Tax plays a key role in a successful IPO process to determine an appropriate listing vehicle and structure – both from an internal operational and external investor perspective. Our specialist team has significant experience in developing IPO structures which consider the tax impact on both existing and future shareholders.

Key areas of focus typically include pre-IPO dividends and franking forecasts, debt and capital structures, opportunities to ‘step-up’ the tax cost base of assets and tax rollover for continuing shareholders.

Private Clients

Effective structuring is essential for a successful transaction. Private Clients often have complex ownership structures which have developed over a number of years.

Our team of tax specialists has experience across a wide array of industries and transactions to help our clients achieve the outcomes they need.