Online GST Contract Analysis


Online GST Contract Review

An online solution providing the risk mitigation you require in a timely manner at a fixed price

When dealing with contracts it is important to know that the GST implications are clearly understood, your risk mitigated and your obligations met. You need direct concise answers delivered on your timeline.

What’s the opportunity?

Deloitte has responded with a digital solution analysing GST clauses in contracts, using machine learning capabilities to more efficiently review the contracts.

By registering for the Online GST Contract Analysis service you get access to a fixed price analysis of the GST clauses in contracts you are reviewing.

Our advice is clear, concise and responsive to your specific concerns. It is delivered within a specific time period and in a consistent format. This allows you to add value elsewhere in your business.

Our Online GST Contract Analysis solution is available for a fixed fee of $1,000 per contract, subject to limited exceptions.

Online GST Contract Analysis

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How does it work?

By registering in advance you will be able to access the review service when required. Registration allows us to complete any required risk and compliance checks.

We can normally complete the registration process within 48 hours.

Upon registration we will provide you with all the details you will need to access our online system. This is where you can provide the details of the review you require as well as securely upload the contract for our review. We will then confirm receipt of the information and commence our review.

Our service level guarantee is to provide you a response within two business days. If we require additional clarification or information from you we will contact you directly. This step may add to the overall response time in certain situations.

What is covered?

In Scope

Our contract review will cover the following areas:

  • GST clauses
  • GST warranties
  • GST indemnities.

Our review will consider whether the above are:

  • Adequate – no change required
  • Inadequate – identify risk and recommend changes.

Our contract reviews are limited to considering the Australian GST implications of the relevant clauses only. Identifying the GST/VAT implications arising from jurisdictions outside Australia is not within scope.

Out of Scope

This service will not cover contracts in respect of the following:

  • M&A activity (as GST sign off should be generally sought by M&A teams)
  • PPP and construction projects (as the potential complexity in the arrangements may not lend itself to standardised clauses)
  • Certain other contracts at our discretion based on risk and other factors.

However, we can provide separate scope and fee quotes for review of such contracts.

Published: October 2017