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R&D claims preparation

Global investment and innovation incentives (Gi3)

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Identifying eligible R&D activities and preparing robust supporting documentation is often unfamiliar territory for businesses who may not have the resources needed to complete the paperwork required to file a claim. Deloitte Australia can assist with the whole process from scoping through document preparation and submission. We combine deep tax technical expertise with highly experienced scientists and engineers so that the multiple aspects of an incentive claim are understood and considered. We utilise technology- based solutions worldwide to create a smooth process with increased transparency and to facilitate compliance with regulatory changes.

To deliver Global investment and innovation incentives (Gi3) services, we have an Incentives Insight methodology. This is powered by Smart technology, streamlining and accelerating the gathering and processing of data and information needed to make informed business decisions regarding credits and incentives claims.

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Sergio Duchini

Sergio Duchini

Partner, Tax

Serg Duchini is the National Practice Leader of the Global investment and innovation incentives (Gi3) Group, a member of the Deloitte Tax Executive and the Deloitte Australia Board. He is also a membe... More