2015 Global Startup Ecosystem Survey


2015 Global Startup Ecosystem Survey

Australia and New Zealand participation

In the quest to meet the increased demand for information on how to create thriving local ecosystems, we are once again partnering with Compass (formerly known as Startup Genome) and Pollenizer to drive Australia and New Zealand startup participation in the global survey.

Following the success of our local Silicon Beach report  and the 2012 Global Startup Ecosystem Report, which provided the world’s first map of the expansion of high growth technology, we are once again teaming up with the Compass and Pollenizer in the 2015 Global Startup Ecosystem survey.

By helping to ensure that Australian and New Zealand startups are well represented in the global survey, our local ecosystems will be further enabled on a global scale – an imperative to attracting international capital and talent.

The survey aims to provide an updated analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the important startup ecosystems around the globe.  In addition to the data collection, qualitative deeper dives into several specific landscapes are also being conducted with the help of both government and private enterprise partners. Many of these efforts are already underway.

The survey covers a number of areas including startup performance, funding, founder and team, talent and going global.

The global report and our localised report are expected to be published in May of 2015.

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The survey will take at least 12 minutes to complete.

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(The survey will take at least 12 minutes to complete)

About Compass

Compass, (previously The Startup Genome and StartupCompass), headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is the creator of Compass.co, a performance benchmarking tool based on the world’s largest data set of startup metrics, as well as the author of the reports The Startup Genome Report  The Startup Ecosystem Report and The Startup Genome Report on Why Startups Fail and Premature Scaling among others, which have been downloaded more than 100,000 times, added to the curriculum of more than 100 universities, referenced by the Obama Administration and Chancellor Merkel and used by dozens of consulting firms and startup accelerators.

Other collaborators

View all Compass’ partners across the globe – all driving the survey in their local markets in order to achieve the best global participation possible which in turn will enable [optimal] benchmarking.

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About Pollenizer

Pollenizer uses 'startup science' in the design of incubation and acceleration programs for big companies. Using a combination of lean startup discipline and an attitude of entrepreneurship, they fuel new business creation.  

Pollenizer also incubates its own startups and provides a massive array of resources for entrepreneurs to incubate their own ideas. 

Global Startup Ecosystem Survey Pollenizer

About the 2012 Global Survey

The 2012 Startup Ecosystem Report included information on Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City, Boston, London, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, Paris, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Berlin, Waterloo, Singapore, Melbourne, Bangalore and Santiago. The 2015 report will explore these geographies and more.

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