Digital addiction, privacy concerns, wearable wellness and the 5G boom – these were the trends we saw unfolding at the beginning of 2020. But the impact of COVID-19 has shaken these developments and moved our world onto a new path.

Our Digital Consumer Trends report (formerly Mobile Consumer Survey) provides a glimpse of a unique moment in time, where digital has become an even larger presence in our lives. The extreme events of this year – and the behaviours, attitudes and preferences created from it – will drive the digital trends of tomorrow. Download the report now to see what opportunities lie ahead.

Key insights


Pandemic purchasing

As Australia’s economy plunges into its first recession in nearly 30 years, consumer spending has fallen too.


Lockdown lifestyles

Locked down and living it up: Australians made the most of stay-at-home restrictions by flocking to entertainment. But it wasn’t all fun and games.


Working from home is working out

No longer a luxury or work perk – working from home has become the norm for many Australians as the pandemic closed offices around the country.


The privacy paradox

Contact tracing apps, QR codes and temperature checks – technology is helping us stay one step ahead in the fight against COVID-19.


Driving the need for 5G

Pandemic conspiracy theories, a dip in consumer confidence and changes in network infrastructure priorities have hampered the rollout and uptake of 5G.


Beyond lockdown

COVID-19 has been a time of immense disruption for Australians. As a result, there have already been changes in our digital behaviour that will endure beyond the pandemic.

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