Digitising for a safer process

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Digitising for a safer process

New Zealand’s leading waste management service provider digitises processes ensuring the safety of its employees and the community

Waste Management’s Technical Services division collects, verifies and treats hazardous materials such as medical waste and industrial liquids in line with New Zealand’s legal requirements. Its core values include creating a culture of safety for team members and the community, innovation, and reducing emissions to combat climate change.

Waste Management turned to Deloitte, a ServiceNow Partner, to mitigate the risks of threats and serious injury in the workplace, to design and implement the HAZ solution, underpinned by the ServiceNow platform. Read the full report to find out how this enabled the company greater visibility and control of the waste management process and ensure the safety of employees, customers and the environment.

“With Deloitte & ServiceNow, we gained greater visibility and control in how we manage the entire waste management process, and ultimately achieve our future sustainability goals.”

 Dave Perkins, General Manager of Technical Services, Waste Management Ltd

Published: May 2022

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