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For many Australians, digital media and entertainment is now a staple of modern life. But what are our most telling consumption habits? What floats our boat, or grinds our gears? And do our choices really reflect our age?

Our eleventh Media Consumer Survey focuses on audience behaviours, attitudes and trends in digital media and entertainment services. We delve into the opportunities and challenges for audiences and the industry, including:

  • The proactive approach consumers are adopting to manage their digital media relationships in the battleground for audience attention.
  • How increasing pressure on entertainment budgets are compelling media providers to rethink the way they attract and retain subscribers.
  • The impact of social media and UGC on generational consumption habits.
  • The generational differences in how news is defined and consumed, and what drives trustworthiness in information sources across providers.
  • How engagement with sport is evolving across a much broader and more varied content experience.

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Key insights


The subscription juggle: Consumers take control



Scrimping, saving, streaming: Managing media spend



It’s complicated: Our love-hate relationship with ads



Media’s next horizon: Social, UGC and the metaverse



Balancing media content: The trust and influence equation



Sport: More than just a game


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