Mobile Consumer Survey 2014

The Australian cut: Revolution and evolution

In this inaugural survey of approximately 2,000 Australian consumers – part of a global Deloitte four year longitudinal study of 37,000 consumers spanning 22 countries – there are six emerging trends led by smartphone penetration.

Australia is the sixth most concentrated smartphone market in the world after Singapore, South Korea, Norway, Spain and Sweden and ahead of the US, the UK, the remaining Scandinavian countries and Japan.

In the Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2014: The Australian Cut, we call out these six trends important for all businesses whether finance, retail, technology or telecommunications.

• Wake up and connect

• Smartphones – a nation divided

• Messaging wave is still to come

WiFI or 4G – can you tell the difference?

• Who do you trust with your money on mobile?

• Like, share, tweet…repeat

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Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2014

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