Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2016


Mobile Consumer Survey 2016

The Australian Cut– Hyper Connectivity: Clever Consumption

Download your copy of the 2016 report for insight on local and global smartphone consumer use. Including market opportunities for Australian businesses and industry sectors.

Now in its third year the 2016 Mobile Consumer Survey report provides both local Australian and global insight into how 53,000 consumers across 31 countries are using their smartphones and their related preferences. 

The Mobile Consumer Survey 2016 - The Australian Cut: Hyper Connectivity, Clever Consumption – dives into six key areas at the intersection of our favourite device and the mobile consumer. These include:

  1. Peak Smartphone penetration
  2. Internet of Things… and they will come
  3. Continuous Consumption – the triumph of 4G
  4. Digitally disrupted - mobile consumption behaviours
  5. Biometrics and mobile payment
  6. The phone is not for calling – the rise of the data-exclusive.
Mobile Consumer Survey 2016: For desktop & tablet

But, what do our insights and analysis mean for your industry?

Along with global market comparisons from 31 countries around the globe, we also take a look what the survey results reveal through an industry lens across:

  • Public Sector 
  • Financial Services
  • Energy and Resources
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Business.

We bring to life the core Australian industry themes and perspectives with enhanced insights that further delve into the evolving, hyper connected and cleverly consuming Australian mobile consumer.

Mobile Consumer Survey 2016: For smartphone snapshot
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