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3D printing is a revolution: just not the revolution you think

TMT Predictions 2015

Deloitte predicts, in line with the industry consensus, that in 2015 nearly 220,000 3D printers will be sold worldwide, with a dollar value of $1.6 billion, representing 100 percent unit growth and no more than 80 percent growth in dollars versus 2014.

Executive summary

Deloitte predicts that in 2015 just under 200,000 3D printers will be sold worldwide, with a dollar value of nearly $2 billion, representing 80% growth in both units and dollars over the installed base at the start of the year. But that’s not the interesting part of the prediction, because it is more or less in line with the industry consensus. Deloitte further predicts that – despite all the ‘factory in every home’ rhetoric around 3D printing –although about 70 percent of units sold will be to consumers, dollar value and usage will be heavily skewed to the enterprise market. Deloitte estimates about 80 percent of the dollar value of all 3D printers will be for companies instead of consumers; 95% of all objects will be printed by enterprise machines; and the economic value of all 3D printed objects will be 99% enterprise. Deloitte also predicts that rapid prototyping and the production of 3D printed objects that fit into existing manufacturing processes and techniques (such as creating a mold, or tooling) together will represent 90% of 3D objects made by enterprises. Final part manufacturing, while likely the fastest growing component of 3D printing, will still represent only less than 10% of objects printed.

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