ASB Case study


ASB Case study

Keeping in step: Our work with ASB


ASB is one of the most prominent banks in New Zealand. Having served Kiwis for over 170 years, they are no stranger to innovation and evolving the way they do things. They take pride in being the first bank in New Zealand to introduce internet banking, mobile banking, online share trading and a host of other innovations.

In 2019, ASB recognised the need for organisational transformation in order to maintain their position as a forerunner in a market increasingly challenged by fintech businesses and shifting customer expectations. CEO Vittoria Shortt noted that ASB’s “biggest challenge is staying one step ahead of customer expectation and demand in a climate of accelerated change.” ASB reached out to Deloitte to help realise this ambition due to our breadth of experience, strong capability and resilient people. Deloitte was ready to take on the challenge and turn ASB’s ambition into a reality.


ASB and Deloitte formed a partnership to bring to life a new way of operating, organising and behaving that was critical to enabling the bank to stay ahead of the curve. Together, they co-created a new system, drawing inspiration from various methods that promote adaptive mindsets including Kanban, Scrum, Human-Centred Design and Lean.

With the support of Deloitte, ASB created multi-disciplinary ‘Tribes’, which broke down the traditional functional silos and set up ASB to deliver customer outcomes. Designated cross-functional teams were established, ready to rapidly respond to changes in customer needs, along with a re-designed system of work to execute on essential and strategic business outcomes. With the design in place, two Pioneer Tribes were established to experiment, validate and prove that these new ways of working could deliver the best experience for ASB’s customers.


The Pioneer Tribes have been successful in realising ASB’s transformation goal of delivering customer benefit ‘Better, Sooner and Safer’. Employee pulse surveys showed improved autonomy, empowerment and collaboration which gave ASB the confidence to establish the remaining Tribes and embrace the new ways of working.

The impact of COVID-19 also created a platform to demonstrate the benefits of the new ways of working. With the mindsets and ways of working in place, ASB was able to quickly adapt to COVID-19 and remain customer-focussed. This allowed ASB to maintain – and even accelerate – productivity during highly uncertain times.

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