Australia’s Nobel Laureates Volume III (NL3)


Australia’s Nobel Laureates Volume III (NL3)

State of Our Innovation Nation 2021 and Beyond

More than just a book, Australia's Nobel Laureates Volume III: State of Our Innovation Nation 2021 and Beyond is a one-of-a-kind collector's item delivering a seminal analysis of the country's wider innovation enterprise and its future potential. Featuring a mix of politicians, professors, educators, innovators, entrepreneurs and company leaders across the whole of Australia’s economy and research base, it provides unparalleled insight and a range of voices that elevate the national innovation narrative.

This third volume delivers original and in-depth essays, company profiles, case studies and interviews on a range of topics and industries including advanced manufacturing, space, IT, biotech, sustainability, commercialisation, venture capitalism, smart cities and also EV.

Rob Hillard, Consulting Leader, Deloitte Asia Pacific features. ‘Let’s get smart with data’ (P.416) explores whether business and government are using data to full effect, helping to drive better and more insight driven decisions.

It serves as a long-term educational resource and tuition tool for C-level management, rising leaders and students.

The digital book is available for free to anyone interested in latest innovation trends and the future of our nation's economic sovereignty.

Published: July 2021

Australia's Nobel Laureates Volume III

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