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Deloitte SolutionPrint™ for Oracle

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Business leaders face many challenges as they focus on doing more with less.

Deloitte has leveraged its vast experience in operations performance improvement and systems implementation to provide select industries with SolutionPrint™.

SolutionPrint™ - a suite of ready-to-use, industry specific tools that can improve the quality, speed, and affordability of Oracle implementations.

SolutionPrint™ offerings include process, technology, people and project management elements. Each offering provides a core EBS, JDE and Peoplesoft application foundation and feature enhancements which can enable clients to expand to include Edge, Mobility and Analytics capabilities.

Financial Services SolutionPrint™ establishes a core finance accounting environment that can help financial services organisations drive significant improvements in shareholder value through efficient and standardized sub-ledger accounting, improved analytics capabilities and more efficient risk management. 

Key benefits of SolutionPrint™

  • The pre-configured Enterprise Risk and Finance solution uses a specific accounting rules library, a reporting and KPI catalogue, as well as data models and analytics to help financial services organisations make better decisions
  • Implementation accelerators including unit test scripts, integration test scenarios and development objects for the common conversions and interfaces
  • User adoption aides including change impact analysis, communication plans, and training materials
  • IndustryPrint leading practice process models with business requirements and application mappings
  • A pre-configured and fully documented Oracle instance covering core industry-specific process areas available for demonstrations and jump-starting projects
  • An Enterprise Value Delivery methodology for accelerated implementations leveraging SolutionPrint™.

Current offerings in Australia

  • Financial Services SolutionPrint™ for Oracle EBS.


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