NEW RELEASE: Deloitte Reimagine Platform Solution Roadmap


NEW RELEASE: Deloitte Reimagine Platform Solution Roadmap

The Deloitte Reimagine Platform delivers a portfolio of solutions developed through a co-innovation collaboration between Deloitte and SAP. Deloitte Reimagine Platform offerings leverage the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system and are designed to help organisations build a seamless bridge between operating and innovating—to transform the business and position it to address future challenges head on.

With solutions built around SAP Leonardo, the Deloitte Reimagine Platform can help you modernise the enterprise while deploying capabilities such as machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) functionality, blockchain technology, advanced analytics, and other innovative capabilities that can scale across your entire organisation.

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The Deloitte Reimagine Platform solution roadmap serves as a schedule to the offerings we plan to introduce, organised by type of solution (use case, integrated market solution or product), functional area, and corresponding quarterly release. Check back at least once per quarter to see updates to this solution roadmap.

Reimagine Platform –Solution Roadmap (January 2018)

Reimagine possibilities

What can you do with the Deloitte Reimagine Platform? Plenty. Discover a host of use cases that show the potential you can unlock with solutions enabled by Deloitte and the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system. Explore the art of the possible and start reimagining where you can take your business.


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