The future of exchanging value


The future of exchanging value

Uncovering new ways of spending

The explosion of new technology and virtual currencies is changing where, when and how people and business exchange value.

The phenomenal uptake and usage of mobile devices – and the easy accessibility of mobile payments technology – means today’s consumers are more mobile in their transactions and have a wealth of options available regarding where, when and how they make purchasing decisions.

The future of exchanging value uncovering new ways of spending, explores how the emergence of a new generation of payment solutions and business models is changing the payments landscape.

Organisations that look beyond traditional payments platforms and simplify the purchasing process by having the right payments solutions available at the right place and at the right time can gain a competitive advantage.

The report also demonstrates that while the future of payments is uncertain, the availability of internet connectivity and the mass adoption of mobile devices will impact the payments industry and incumbent payments providers.

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The future of exchanging value
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