Business analytics with SAP HANA™

Now is the time

Of all the advances made recently in business analytics, perhaps none are more important than increased speed and accessibility. Put simply, it’s becoming much easier for a wider range of users to tap deeper insights from an organisation’s data – faster. And the in-memory capabilities introduced by SAP HANA™ can help turn these trends into a serious competitive advantage.

SAP HANA™ arrives at a moment when hardware advances have brought the ability to gather and store massive amounts of data with relative ease.  But these abilities haven’t necessarily made things easier:  For many, it was hard enough to glean insights from modest amounts of data, and greater data volumes may only be muddying the waters.  That’s where SAP HANA™ can help.  Today, Deloitte is at the forefront of developing practical applications of HANA for a range of industries, organisations, and business challenges.  While we bring strong technical capabilities to every engagement, what sets us apart is our business-oriented approach.  We bring a deep industry- and organisation-level understanding to the core business challenges of HANA-enabled initiatives. 

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