How countries are pursuing an AI advantage


How countries are pursuing an AI advantage

Insights from Deloitte’s State of AI in the Enterprise survey

Numerous nations have developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategies to advance their capabilities, through investment, incentives, talent development, and risk management. As AI’s importance to the next generation of technology grows, many leaders are worried that they will be left behind and not share in the gains.

We aimed to measure the global pulse of AI through our State of AI in the Enterprise, 2nd Edition survey.

In analysing this year’s survey results, we uncovered four key insights from early adopters in seven countries:

There is a growing realisation of AI’s importance, including its ability to provide competitive advantage and change work for the better. A majority of global early adopters say that AI technologies are especially important to their business success today—a belief that is increasing. A majority also say they are using AI technologies to move ahead of their competition, and that AI empowers their workforce.

Explore the infographics:

Highlights from a global perspective

Highlights by country

AI success depends on getting the execution right. Organisations often must excel at a wide range of practices to ensure AI success, including strategy development, pursuing the right use cases, building a data foundation, and possessing a strong ability to experiment. These capabilities are critical now because, as AI becomes even easier to consume, the window for competitive differentiation will likely shrink.

Early adopters from different countries display varying levels of AI maturity. Enthusiasm and experience vary among early adopters from different countries. Some are pursuing AI vigorously, while others are taking a more cautious approach. In some cases, adopters are employing AI to improve specific processes and products; others are harnessing AI to transform their entire organisation.

Regardless of countries’ AI maturity level, we can learn from their approaches. By examining countries’ challenges and how companies there are addressing them, we can glean some essential leading practices. For example, leaders in some countries are more concerned about addressing skills gaps. Others are focusing on how AI can improve decision-making or cybersecurity capabilities.

There are many paths to AI excellence, and success is not a winner-takes-all proposition. Examining early AI adopters through a global lens can enable a broader perspective. By doing so, leaders can take a more balanced approach on their AI-powered journey.

Australia: Trying to keep pace

  • Organisations from Australia hold a positive view of the strategic importance of AI to their success
  • Seventy-nine percent believe AI will be “very” or “critically” important to their business within two years
  • Despite the optimism, 50 percent of AI early adopters from Australia report that AI helps them “catch up” or “keep up” to their competition, rather than establish a distinct lead—the highest rate of all countries
  • It appears there’s a mismatch between perceived levels of urgency and readiness.

To read the full report, download “How countries are pursuing an AI advantage”.

Published: May 2019

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