Human potential unleashed and empowered with ServiceNow


Human potential unleashed and empowered with ServiceNow

Thrive in the New Reality of Work while remaining distinctly human in the post pandemic world

This past year proved that, when faced with unprecedented crises, organisations and workers are capable of tremendous resilience under pressure. As we enter 2021 and shift our focus from survive to thrive in a post pandemic world, we have observed how organisations that have partnered with Deloitte and ServiceNow use technology to unleash workforce potential. In doing so, giving the organisation the ability to impact the bottom line today and set themselves up to remind distinctly human and thrive in world in perpetual disruption.

Through the lens of Deloitte’s Trends, we take a deep look at how ServiceNow’s technology is applied to make work better for humans and humans better at work, create new realities to do what is possible, not to just succeed today, but also to dominate tomorrow.

Human potential unleashed and empowered with ServiceNow

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Key trends to unleash human potential

  • Belonging – Drive sense of belonging through connection of individual’s contribution to the work that they are doing to the greater purpose of the organisation.
  • Superteams – Re-architect the way work gets done, designing work in a human way using technology to enable the elevation of human capabilities with the use of Artificial Intelligence(AI) to aspire more human and technology collaboration to deliver new outcomes and value.
  • Beyond Reskilling – Empower workers to challenge themselves to maximise their potential while aligning to their interests to create new values for the organisation.

Author: Nicole Scoble-Williams - Partner, Deloitte Tohmatsu, Consulting

Published: May 2021

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