Libra: Shaping the evolution of financial infrastructure


Libra: Shaping the evolution of financial infrastructure

A bold new proposition

Despite its advancements, the existing financial infrastructure seems to remain a constraint in an increasingly quickening global ecosystem in which information travels faster, work is increasingly virtual, and geographical borders are fading away. Such may be true because today’s existing financial system remains an artifact of decades of careful evolution, where traditional infrastructure intermediaries, transaction delays and fees are optimised, without really breaking through structural limitations.

Now enter Libra a potentially evolutionary milestone in the continuing legacy of financial infrastructure innovation over the past century. The Libra Project represents a bold new proposition to create financial infrastructure in this new global ecosystem.

Libra: Shaping the evolution of financial infrastructure

The Libra Project is a bold new proposition designed to create foundational financial infrastructure to simplify global money movement, commerce and foster financial inclusion

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