The rise of the exponential era


The rise of the exponential era  

Exponential is a term that is used frequently to describe ‘futuristic’ concepts like technology, digital, platforms and growth. In this paper we explore where the term came from, what it actually means, and how businesses and organisations can grow exponentially.

As an adjective, exponential is defined as ‘rising or expanding at a steady and unusually rapid rate’.

Exponential growth isn’t an intuitive concept for our linear mindsets to comprehend, yet this phenomenon will continue to change our world beyond our imagination.

With computing power and digital technology generally becoming the catalyst of more and more of our progress and growth, the term exponential is increasingly used by futurists trying to explain and quantify just how different the future of the current generation was going to look to their (our) present.

In this paper, we look at the origins of the use of the term exponential, what it is we’re trying to describe when we use it, and the impact that our shift into the exponential era is having on organisations and the business and social landscape.

We particularly look at what is driving the rise of the exponential era, the organisations that are harnessing exponential growth, and how these principles can be applied by other organisations.

Published: July 2018

The rise of the exponential era

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