Scaling Edges


Scaling Edges

A Pragmatic Pathway to broad internal change

The world as we know it is changing. Increased globalisation and rapid advancements in technology, collectively referred to as The Big Shift, are profoundly altering our economy and creating new markets.

About Scaling Edges: A Pragmatic Pathway to broad internal change

In order to thrive in a post-Big Shift world, today’s companies should consider how they move from innovating at a product and service level (i.e. flooding the market with new, marginally improved products) to innovating at an institutional level. Though transformative change is required, it is admittedly far from a simple task. Pragmatic Pathways is a framework for executives seeking to embark on this difficult, but necessary transformation. This paper will introduce and break down the three prongs of the Pathways framework :

  • First, by focusing on edges rather than the core of a company, change agents can better identify projects which align with Big Shift forces, and therefore, are most likely to achieve significant and sustainable returns
  • Second, by leveraging external resources rather than internal support to scale, these edges can circumvent the scrutiny and organisational resistance that change initiatives are typically met with
  • Finally, by accelerating learning rather than focusing solely on short-term outcomes, edges can become conduits of transformation, helping the companies of today achieve institutional innovation and tap into the opportunities of tomorrow.

By leveraging the Pragmatic Pathways framework, executives can maximise upside potential, minimise investment required, and reach maximum impact as quickly as possible for major change initiatives.

How can your company maximise upside potential, minimise investment and compress lead times?
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