Supply Chain Leaders’ Sentiment Report 2021


Supply Chain Leaders’ Sentiment Report 2021

Insights from Australian supply chain leaders

To build an understanding of how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Australian Business, Australia Post and Deloitte surveyed 87 Supply Chain Leaders across the a number of industries to find out how they’re dealing with the current environment and how they intend to continue to respond and develop their supply chains over the coming year.

Across Australia, supply chains have been under immense pressure in recent times. Businesses large and small across all supply chain intensive industries are looking for ways to streamline and secure their supply chains and plan for success in an environment that for many has changed forever.

This report provides a clear picture of the challenges facing supply chain leaders right now and details the strategies many businesses are pursuing to strengthen their supply chains and exploit new business opportunities.

Supply Chain Leaders’ Sentiment Report by Australia Post & Deloitte

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If you have any questions about the report please contact Craig Albiston, Principal, Supply Chain & Procurement.

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