Tech Trends 2022


Tech Trends 2022

Engineer your tech-forward future

Deloitte’s 13th annual Tech Trends report provides insights and inspiration to unlock innovation, build trust, and engineer advantage for your digital journey ahead.

Dive into the seven trends changing the game

This year’s Tech Trends report examines different ways pioneering enterprises are automating, abstracting, and outsourcing their business processes to increasingly powerful tech tools. In doing so, they are arming their employees with superpowers to tackle innovative projects that deliver competitive differentiation. For example, blockchain is enabling organisations to automate processes that occur between third parties, eliminating the need for manual data exchanges, data entry, and reporting – creating an environment where reporting is reporting. IT departments are automating large segments of their core system infrastructure, allowing precious engineers to get back to actual engineering. And AI is acting as a force multiplier in cybersecurity, detecting and responding to threats automatically and easing the burden on cybersecurity workers.

Explore this and more in this year’s seven trends below.

Tech Trends 2022

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