Transforming in the exponential era


Transforming in the exponential era

The exponential series

All organisations have the chance to capitalise on opportunities in the exponential era. But transformation, supported by emerging technologies, and with ethical issues top of mind, is crucial.

The opportunities of the exponential era are not limited to those companies specifically designed to capitalise on its opportunities.

There is plenty that more traditional organisations can learn from their non-linear competitors, and lots of opportunity available to them too. The key is in learning how to transform in a new way to seize those opportunities.
In the first edition of this series – The rise of the exponential era – we looked at what the term exponential meant, especially in reference to growth, and the implications of doing business in the exponential era.

We also explored the virtuous cycle hurtling us into the exponential era and the new type of non-linear organisations emerging, uniquely designed to take advantage of exponential technologies to achieve exponential growth.
In this edition, we look at how more traditional organisations, in any sector, can adopt the characteristics of non-linear organisations, and transform to set themselves on a non-linear growth path.
But succeeding in the exponential era requires a new kind of transformation journey:

  • Step 1: Speculate the opportunity
  • Step 2: Design the solution
  • Step 3: Scale the transformation

We also cover the other side of transforming in the exponential era – the new and emerging ethical issues that need to be addressed alongside any transformation driven by emerging technologies. From concerns over the correct use of data and protection of privacy, to the perceived threat to democracy from misuse of targeted content, there is a significant obligation on the organisations developing and implementing these technologies to consider the wider implications of their misuse or misapplication.

Read more about the opportunities available in the exponential era, and what your organisation needs to do to take advantage of them in our new report.

Published: November 2018

Edition 2: Transforming in the exponential era
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