When ‘big room’ planning goes virtual


When ‘big room’ planning goes virtual

Maintaining alignment and clear focus by executing ‘big room’ quarterly planning in a virtual environment.

As organisations move towards recovery and building resilience, they need to further refine how to organise the execution of work across the enterprise and across portfolios.

Given the levels of uncertainty most businesses are facing, the planning cadence and its supporting processes need to be driven by a sensing capability and feedback loops that continuously inform how the organisation spends its limited capacity and money. Planning cycles need to evolve from traditional annual cycles to an at least a quarterly one that involves making decisions to pursue, pivot, perish or prioritise.

Organisations have had to adjust their ways of working quickly to accommodate the virtual environment, and those that are more agile and adaptable, and which already had these quarterly cycles in place, have been better equipped to adapt and respond to the economic challenges thrown by COVID-19.

To enable you to achieve excellent outcomes from quarterly operating rhythms, we share our insights and how to re-design, prepare and facilitate these ‘big room’ planning events.

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Published: September 2020

When ‘big room’ planning goes virtual
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