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Agility and DevOps advisory, transformation, and delivery

In an era when 65% of Fortune 500 CEOs are struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of change, organisations of all sizes and across all business sectors must take a deeper look at how they run their businesses and develop products if they hope to adapt and thrive in this age of uncertainty. Agile is a way of working that emphasises iterative planning and delivery. With roots in product and software development, agile aims to meet business objectives and deliver value to customers early and often.

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Accelerating value delivery

To stay competitive, organisations are increasingly faced with the need to operate and deliver at a speed greater than the pace of disruption. While agile and DevOps can drive value with accelerated speed-to-market, enhanced quality, and reduced waste—the enterprise wide adoption of these approaches is complex.

Common challenges include the following:

  • Limited partnership between business and technology teams
  • Outdated organisational processes burdened with legacy thinking and systems
  • Products built without customer focus or insight
  • Unmanageable and interdependent monolithic architectures

We are working with a growing number of leaders to tackle these issues by building capabilities targeted at improving processes, technology, and talent that support value delivery with agility at scale.

'Business agility is absolutely critical [...] we need to be much more responsive to our customer needs - adapt, evolve and deliver new capabilities.'

Rowan Munchenberg, Managing Director - Bankwest

How we can help

Deloitte has experience to help positively impact organisations throughout their path to increased agility. Through our highly experienced transformation specialists, trainers, coaches, and skilled delivery resources, we promote cultural and behavioral changes. We help develop high-performing teams to improve business and technology delivery from concept to cash.

Our approach

Executing an enterprise level transformation requires a holistic approach- one that encompasses all aspects of the operating model. Deloitte has established framework(s) and the ability to be that trusted advisor to guide our clients through their enterprise agility journeys.

Our enterprise agility practice works with clients to look at how they organise themselves, how they can better work to deliver great customer outcomes, while shifting culture and mindsets that foster high performance in organisations. Our highly experienced team of practitioners are change agents with a passion for leading teams and organisations in their move to new ways of working through agile mindset and values.

Our services

From strategy to implementation, we offer a wide range of services and offerings across the enterprise agility spectrum

  • Agile transformation
    • Agile transformation strategy and roadmaps
    • Agile operating model and design
  • Agile program delivery at scale
    • Enterprise agility and organisational change
    • Agile evolution
    • Leadership and high performing team enablement
    • SAFe transformation
    • Agile PMO and support
  • Agile coaching & training
    • Tailored Agile training and coaching
    • Education through Delivery
    • Scrum masters and Agile practitioners
  • Developing agile leadership & mindsets
    • Agile mindsets and collaboration
    • Agile business case creation
    • Tailored coaching for leadership
  • DevOps enablement
    • DevOps strategy and Release engineering
    • Tool enablement / automation

Our methods and tools

Deloitte has developed a wealth of experience using industry-leading practices to implement a wide range of business solutions. Leveraging this, we have invested heavily in the development of our proprietary enterprise value delivery (EVD) method. EVD presents a collection of templates, sample deliverables, and accelerators.

Our agile, lean, human centred design, experimentation, and DevOps tools solidify our ability to efficiently enable outcomes with increased consistency, decreased risk, and enhanced quality.

Our perspective

Agile and DevOps are powerful delivery approaches that can offer enhanced flexibility to better adapt to changing business needs. Our thought leadership and resources address emerging topics and identify innovative solutions to key issues.

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Maria Muir

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