Our Agile capabilities


Our Agile capabilities

Many organisations, big and small, in a wide variety of industries are using Agile...but are they realising the full potential of Agile? Agile involves all aspects of the organisation and the right mindset, in order to realise its full potential. Learn more about our Agile practice, including our extensive range of capabilities and our right Agile mindsets.

Clients come to us wanting to change the way they deliver and realise value. They come to us not knowing what Agile is, or come struggling with using agile or being able to realise its full potential. We have faced many agile challenges and delivered measurable benefits to our clients across a range of industries and scales. At Deloitte, an Agile mindset and approach is tailored and co-designed for our clients, and is crafted from our differentiated offerings and experienced Agile practitioners. Realise reliable and sustainable value with Agile@Deloitte and get your ideas out to market faster.

Our experiences and offerings

Our approach and differentiators

At Deloitte, we play to win with Agile. Agile is a core offering at Deloitte and a differentiator in the way we implement solutions. These four pillars underpin an organisation’s ability to realise the full potential of Agile. 

Strategy: Finding the right balance between short term outcomes and long-term thinking.

  • Maintain a long-term vision and incrementally move towards it via short, discrete steps, while minimising rework
  • We can help you adopt a strategy to meet both near-term and long-term objectives with our extensive domain and industry expertise

People and Culture: Change begins at the grassroots: it starts small and multiplies.

  • A sustainable Agile adoption starts with individuals – think bottom-up – and it needs to be supported by key enablers as it matures in the organisation
  • Executive leadership and support is critical to achieving success as culture transformation is essential from the top-down
  • We are change management experts. Our practitioners are effective Change Agents, and can help develop a sustained Agile maturity roadmap for you.

Tailored Methodology: Tailoring is essential. Agile is not binary.

  • Agile is a mindset first, and a methodology second – you can be agile within a Waterfall framework  
  • With the right balance of people and methodology, Agile can help in all environments and can be tailored to suit projects with different complexities
  • We have the right mix of people and domain and Agile expertise to help tailor Agile to suit any organisation and project. We recognise that Agile is not binary.

Enterprise Governance: Remove constraints that inhibit Agile across the organisation.

  • Agile influences all parts of the organisation and across all levels – there is no escaping! It is important to tailor existing governance structures and to invest in foundational capabilities in order to allow scale Agile
  • With our extensive expertise across finance, program governance, reporting and risk management, we can help you tailor your enterprise governance and make the right investments to scale Agile.

Our people

Deloitte Agile has a national team of over 210 agile practitioners, including 110 certified scrum masters, SAFe and lean specialists. The team is comprised of many of the country’s most talented individuals in Scrum, Lean, Kanban, scaled Agile frameworks, Continuous Delivery, and Enterprise Agility. As well as this core team, we are able to call on subject matter specialties across our Consulting, Audit, Financial Advisory, and Risk teams, and Deloitte globally.

Learn more about our local national agile experts.

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Maria Muir

Maria Muir

Partner, Consulting

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Amberjit Endow

Amberjit Endow

National Lead Partner, Consulting

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