Supporting councils on their digital journey


City Services

Supporting councils on their digital journey

Citizens expect that simple queries with their council are actioned quickly and kept up to date with what is happening if there are delays. Unfortunately, they often feel that their council are not as responsive as they experience with other services in their lives.

Councils are looking for the best way to serve and engage their communities. Often, they think that a digital solution seems like a good idea but haven’t found the way to do it in an incremental way so that their citizens, councillors and staff teams are able to embrace and adapt to these new ways of working.

This was the core issue that we set out to solve and have now created Deloitte’s City Services Solution to take care of your digital basics, so that you can focus on things that matter most to your customers.

What is Deloitte’s City Services Solution

Deloitte’s City Services solution offers a simple and scalable way for councils to access a standardised digital service catalogue within weeks and has been built working with councils across the country. At its core, it is built on a robust solution on a world-class platform that enables councils to quickly manage standard service requests across the council and to 3rd parties creating efficiencies of automated processes and performance reporting - within weeks. We appreciate that each and every council and community is different and allow for processes to be developed that meet your decision making processes and share information to management teams in line with the way you are structured. The idea is that we take care of the basics - so that councils can focus on the things that matter to their citizens.
We’re not talking big implementations, long-term commitments or sky-high prices. Our subscription approach offers easy access to state-of-the-art technology, with the flex to grow or reduce as council needs change.

What are the Benefits of Deloitte’s City Services Solution?

Benefits to Citizens

Benefits to Councils

  • Quicker way to access council services.
  • Improves citizen satisfaction & engagement by increasing efficiency and effectiveness of standard council services
  • Improved trust through request status transparency using real-time status updates via self-service and notifications
  • Reduced number of repeat phone calls and visits to councils
  • Less frustration with councils
  • End-to-End digital service resolution in a box – go from sign up to operational in under two months.
  • Low cost entry into digital services
  • Improves resolution times by reducing manual assignment efforts
  • Reduced cost to serve prior work has delivered 40%
  • Reduce manual work load and intervention by 25%
  • Improved transparency and engagement with citizens
  • The opportunity to deliver on citizen expectations of services faster, cheaper and better services
  • Licenced access to a globally leading, scalable platform

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