Supporting councils on their digital journey


City Services

Supporting councils on their digital journey

Citizens expect that simple queries with their council is actioned quickly and kept up to date with what is happening if there are delays. Unfortunately, they often feel that their council is not as responsive as they experience with other services in their lives.

Councils are looking for the best way to serve and engage their communities. Often, they think that a digital solution seems like a good idea but haven’t found the way to do it in an incremental way so that their citizens, councillors and staff teams are able to embrace and adapt to these new ways of working.

Deloitte City Services is a digital council services solution-in-a-box, that offers a simple, scalable and high-value way for councils to start their digital transformation journey.


  • Deloitte City Services focuses on high-volume customer requests, process automation, customer self-sufficiency and increased operational transparency
  • Core functionality available for use within weeks – proving accelerated return on investment
  • Accelerators provide reduced need for lengthy and expensive implementation
  • Delivers significant time and effort savings: up to 150 hrs saved annually per service
  • Available as an accelerator and as-a-service to further increase the benefits
  • New features available three times a year to further increase value realisation 

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