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In today’s thriving digital economy, travel still represents a massive expenditure for organisations—ranking right behind payroll for many companies. Despite the big money at stake, the travel and expense (T&E) process can be rather cumbersome for both the traveler and for departmental leadership.

Employees on the go can struggle to organise their growing collection of paper receipts and find the time to manually re-enter data for an expense report. Management can struggle to get a clear and consolidated view of where the travel money is being spent, making it a challenge to audit effectively, rein in fraud, and get insights for tax-related decisions.

For many organisations, a fractured travel and expense landscape is less than ideal. New digital tools, including mobile and cloud technologies, help provide an alternative path to the status quo.

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Why Concur® Travel & Expense matters

Concur®, an SAP® company, has emerged as a leader in spending management solutions. Its Concur® Travel & Expense offering can help organisations simplify and integrate the T&E picture, streamlining processes for the employee and delivering new value for the enterprise.

Concur Travel & Expense provides employees with a mobile, cloud-based T&E experience that allows them to capture images of paper receipts, automate data entry, and submit expense reports digitally. It incorporates functionality to support third-party T&E content for travel details and expense billing. For the enterprise, Concur Travel & Expense can help boost employee productivity and satisfaction while delivering a clearer picture to management that can provide insights for operational and strategic decision-making.

The Deloitte difference

Getting the most value from Concur Travel & Expense requires more than plugging in a solution. It requires a deep understanding of your current policies and processes, a vision for the future, and a strategy to help you get there. We can help.

With more than 16,000 practitioners dedicated to SAP® solutions in our global network, Deloitte stands ready to help businesses on their journey to new T&E value through Concur Travel & Expense. We are an award-winning Global SAP Services Partner and a long-serving value-added reseller, which means we understand the full potential of Concur and SAP solutions.

With decades of consulting know-how and IT experience, our network of professionals operates at the intersection of business and technology—to help you understand risks, refine policies and processes, and then put in place powerful tools to help you reach your business objectives.

And we can help you do it fast. Our tested methodologies, playbooks, templates, training toolsets and accelerators for delivering solutions can help you rapidly transform your enterprise and start seeing results sooner in any industry and in any market.

To learn how Deloitte can help you leverage Concur Travel & Expense to simplify your business and unlock new sources of value, please contact us at

Deloitte becomes first Australian Certified Implementation Partner for SAP Concur

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