Deloitte and SingularityU Australia Alliance


Deloitte and SingularityU Australia Alliance

Exponential technology and innovation

This alliance unites Deloitte's strategic Consulting and Innovation practices with SingularityU Australia’s experiential, world-class educational programs and events. Together we are driving innovation across all industries, transforming organisations and businesses, and shifting leadership mindset.

About the Deloitte and SingularityU Australia alliance

Together, we bring the technical expertise, global networks, business acumen, and future vision to help organisations of all sizes innovate and grow exponentially. We have helped organisations understand, adapt and seize the opportunities presented through exponential technologies to transform their businesses.

What the Alliance provides

  • Access to learning materials
  • Exclusive executive programs
  • Deloitte faculty member involvement
  • Custom programs.

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Lisa Andrews, Co-CEO, SingularityU Australia
Actively working and solving the worlds biggest challenges.
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Christina Gerakiteys, Co-CEO, SingularityU Australia
Opening hearts and minds, alchemising impossible to possible.
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What we can offer

SingularityU Australia Summit

Each year SingularityU Australia deliver a summit with speaker events, thought leadership and resources on exponential technology.
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Leadership and Mindset Programs

Custom programs can be delivered for your business which are tailored to help you transform and stay ahead of the curve.
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Experienced Thought Leaders

A group of global certified faculty members who you can access for conversations, speaker engagements and knowledge.
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SingularityU Australia Faculty Experts

Singularity University’s Faculty is a global network of thought leaders with significant breadth and depth across a wide range of topics, including exponential technologies, global grand challenges, entrepreneurship, and organisational innovation.
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Deloitte SingularityU Faculty Members

<p>Stay at the front edge of all things exponential with episodes of SUAU TV which have included Deloitte Partner and SingularityU Faculty member Nicki Hutley.</br><a href="" target="_blank">View the recordings</a></p>

<p>Listen to our innovation podcasts with episodes featuring SingularityU Faculty members Vanessa Matthijssen and Kellie Nuttall.</br><a href="" target="_blank">Listen here</a></p>

<p>Listen to Deloitte Partner Nicki Hutley speak  about five things changing the way we live and the shape of our cities.</br><a href="" target="_blank">Listen here</a></p>

Contact us

Jason Bender

Jason Bender

Head of Innovation

Jason has over 17 years technical and management experience across all areas of online technology related areas including; e-business, payment gateways, security, authentication, web services, user in... More

Jessica Mansur

Jessica Mansur

Innovation Senior Manager

Jessica Mansur leads the Deloitte Australia Innovation team. She is an experienced Innovation specialist, leading the program to deliver business value, innovative culture and help produce disruptive ... More