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Deloitte SuperBot

Helping superannuation funds support Australians

The SuperBot is a purpose-built chatbot created by Deloitte for superannuation funds, that is trained to answer questions around the impacts of COVID-19 on the superannuation balances of Australians.

The SuperBot reduces the impact on superannuation fund call centres by successfully triaging enquiries before a member calls, removing the burden on staff and allowing them to answer the most complex and urgent enquiries.

An AI-led solution to overwhelming customer demand

Extreme market volatility caused by the COVID-19 crisis, combined with the government’s Early Access to Super legislation, led to a significant increase in members contacting their superannuation funds.

In response, Deloitte has developed a 24/7 managed chatbot that can be embedded onto any superannuation fund website for members to utilise. The SuperBot is a conversational agent trained to answer questions around early access to superannuation and switching investment options. 

This solution can be deployed to any superannuation fund website, easily integrated, and can be customisable by request. This approach is technologically independent and can be stood up alongside existing call centres, bots, and customer service functions to reduce the load on these channels in just a few days.

Additionally the Superbot is offered as a managed service, meaning funds do not need to create, maintain or continue to train the bot themselves. The Superbot becomes more knowledgeable over time and is able to answer new questions in response to the demand from members.  Also, funds may include their own content and additional topic areas if required.  Deloitte can provide enhanced monitoring and analytics to discover what unanswered questions members are asking and alerting of potential complaints or member concerns.

All Superbot answers and scenarios will continue to be reviewed by accredited Deloitte Financial Advisors.

Value of the SuperBot

Tens of thousands of members across several leading superannuation funds have used the SuperBot successfully since its launch. Analytics from current client implementations demonstrate that the bot is able to respond to more than 50% of member queries when implemented on a fund website.

The product plays a key role in demystifying superannuation for members; providing clear and concise information around the risks of drawing down on their super balance; and of switching investments in a time of volatility. In addition, the bot has reduced the number of incoming calls channelled to our superannuation fund clients’ call centre operators, allowing these customer service agents to provide a better member experience for those whose queries that can’t be instantly answered by the SuperBot.

Please contact the team today to find out more and to discuss how to get the SuperBot onto your fund’s website.

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