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We build and deliver games, apps, interactive installations, and AR/VR/MR solutions

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  • Games for Purpose: Behaviour Change, Training, & Simulations
  • Digital Reality: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, & Mixed Reality
  • Experiential Software: Embracing the physical and digital to create immersive spaces
  • Natural User Interfaces: Build interfaces for the future, using gestures, voice and more
  • Data Visualization: In a rapidly evolving world we make your data consumable
  • Creative Solutions: We solve problems using creative software, how can we help you?

Our work

Virtual Garden

Situated in the heart of Sydney in the iconic Martin Place, ANZ’s new flagship branch represents an amplified version of ANZ’s “digital” branch format and is the largest branch in their network.

The branch design included a network of digital media displays - the most prominent being a monolithic 11 metre LED screen in the centre of the 3-storey staircase.

ANZ - Virtual Garden The screen came to Deloitte Digital as a blank canvas that was intended to be an iconic brand statement and enhance the customer experience.

Our concept for the wall pushed not only the client’s imagination for what could be achieved with the space, but required some serious technology integration to launch successfully.

From the initial pitch, Deloitte Digital presented a vision of an ever-changing digital garden, which through live data feeds, would change organically to the environment.

Live data makes the wall change its lighting according to the real world sun position. Weather data means that when it rains in Sydney, raindrops appear in the virtual garden and four key seasons also change foliage appearance throughout the year. The wall is rendered dynamically in 3D game development software, so that it’s always unique.


  • Gold Winner: Marketing – Interactive Signage at the Melbourne Design Awards 2016
  • Silver Winner: Marketing – Branded Experience at the Melbourne Design Awards 2016
  • Gold Winner: Marketing – Interactive Signage at the Sydney Design Awards 2016.

Virtual Garden
Virtual garden 2
Virtual Garden 3


As a major sponsor for the Australian Open since 2010, ANZ has a reputation for creating engaging and exciting brand experiences at the Grand Slam Oval. With a throughput of over 3,000 patrons a day queuing for up 45 minutes each, the activation needs to leave a memorable impression of the ANZ brand. The challenge for 2017 was to make it “bigger and better”.

ANZ Breakpoint centres around an impressive digital installation of three projected game-booths, creating a total digital display area of 54 square metres. The experience is designed to be as immersive for the individual players as it is for the audience. The setup allows multiple patrons to play at any one time, whilst providing an exhilarating spectacle for the audience waiting in the queue behind them.

To play the game, fans pick up a regular racket from a screen-enabled plinth and enter an immersive, interactive game and begin playing without any need for special instruction or obvious technology. Fans play the game intuitively – swinging furiously to keep up with the bombardment of digital tennis balls – whilst trying to smash through any obstacles in their way.

A familiar voice-over guides the player through the experience – the essence of which encapsulates the overarching ANZ campaign of “keep moving”. At the end of the 60 second game, players are rewarded with their score and a victory pose. They can then collect a captured video of their experience on email, ready to share through their social channels.

Breakpoint 1
Breakpoint 2

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