Assets and supply chains are more complex than ever, and supply visibility is a key issue facing modern organisations across the globe. In a 2018 Deloitte study, 65% of procurement leaders surveyed globally cited limited or no visibility beyond tier one suppliers. The Australian Deloitte Illuminate capability allows clients to understand their multi-tier supply networks and identify actionable insights to minimise exposure and leverage opportunities.

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The solution provides transparency of these complex networks by leveraging augmented intelligence and machine learning methodologies to enable rapid modelling and represent those suppliers systematically. Illuminate then brings actionable and tailored insights by leaning on automation to allow those multi-tier networks  to be overlaid with exposures and opportunities.

The Four Elements of the Illuminate Capability

Deloitte Illuminate is a proprietary collation of four key elements built on the foundations of Deloitte global capabilities developed over the last decade.


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With a talent pool of 3,100+ AI professionals, Deloitte can assemble teams that have the right combination of industry, domain, and technology skills to best suit your needs. These experts include cloud engineers, data scientists, data architects, technology and application engineers, business and domain specialists and visualisation and design specialists.

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Jesse Sherwood

Jesse Sherwood

Partner, Consulting

Jesse is a partner in our Asia Pacific practice focused on strategy and performance improvement in Asset intensive industries. He is a robotic engineer by background and is known for driving innovatio... More

Abhineet Lekhi

Abhineet Lekhi

Director, Consulting

Abhineet is a Director in the Australian practice, with a focus on strategy and operations consulting for organisations around the globe. Abhineet brings together technical and business expertise to d... More