Flexible capacity helps scale AI across your organisation

In the Age of With™ where human and machine collaboration is taking organisations to new heights, ReadyAI meets you where you are with a full portfolio of capabilities and the capacity to help accelerate your AI journey from data to insights and decisions.

AI isn’t a light switch – becoming an AI-inspired organisation takes skill.

AI adoption is accelerating, with estimated market growth at 37% CAGR to exceed $191 billion by 2024. However, organisations venturing on the AI journey face several major challenges, including limited access to talent, tools and other resources; ambiguity over the process; and the difficulty of scaling.

What you need to jumpstart and scale AI


Deloitte's ReadyAI operates as your team, in conjunction with your organisation, to serve as an extension of your in-house resources and strengthen your business to meet its goals. We bring a scalable and flexible capability model to the delivery of your AI projects and include specific services and assets that will increase your ROI in the AI space:

Capacity Augmentation
With defined skills and scope, our team is an extension of yours. You decide what people you need and the time dedicated, which is often six months or more.

Managed Services - PODs
Defined deliverables with standard processes and tools. You decide what backlog of use cases you want us to complete for you.

Subscription Model
Outputs provided via proprietary assets in predefined areas. We provide insights and reports for a particular duration through propriety Deloitte assets like InsightIQ.

Value-added Services
Assets and resources for specialised requirements. We provide insights and reports that are customised for your specific organisation.

Helping you get to the next step

Want to learn more about how companies are making the transition to an AI-led business strategy and what it might look like in the future?

With a talent pool of 3,100+ AI professionals, Deloitte can assemble teams that have the right combination of industry, domain, and AI technology skills to best suit your needs. These experts include cloud engineers, data scientists, data architects, technology and application engineers, business and domain specialists and visualisation and design specialists. With the right combination of skills, your organisation will quickly accelerate its AI journey.

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Dr. Kellie Nuttall

Dr. Kellie Nuttall

Partner, Deloitte (Analytics and AI)

Kellie leads Deloitte’s Artificial Intelligence offering and is passionate about working with organisations to turn complex data into rich insights, as well as embedding AI and cognitive technologies ... More