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Sustainability Cloud

Climate change is a challenge that requires action now. To act we need data.

For many organisations and individuals, it is difficult to measure our impact on the environment. How do our products, services and supply chains impact the planet? Why is sustainability such an important brand decision for our customers? How do we future proof our business to track emissions, set targets and meet government legislation?

The simple answer to these questions is that it comes down to data. However, to drive meaningful insights from our data, we require powerful tools.

Salesforce is a powerful tool for solving climate change.  

Salesforce is a powerful technology platform that provides companies with a range of sustainability features, available on demand through their software as a service model (SaaS). The key advantage for companies when using Salesforce is that it can be setup quickly, doesn’t go out of date thanks to regular software updates and can be integrated into all company operations. The Salesforce technology platform was also named as a leader by Gartner in its 2020 Magic Quadrant for CRM. This means companies can have confidence when embarking on any sustainable transformation such as:

  • Creating sustainable services, products or brand.  Salesforce supports companies wishing to offer sustainable products/services and supports customers on personalised journeys to sustainable outcomes/sales. Additionally, Salesforce allows end customers to check on their emissions footprint and helps companies strengthen their brand through greater transparency on emissions.
  • Creating sustainable operations, automation & better efficiency. Salesforce supports companies wishing to automate services and supports companies wishing to understand emission data across supply chains and operations. Additionally, the Salesforce product family allows companies to consolidate their operational data in one place to accurately measure their footprint across all operations.
  • Managing emissions reporting. Salesforce can automatically convert energy usage across operations into a real time emissions footprint and provide powerful dashboards to drill down into emissions by type, region, business unit or process. Additionally, Salesforce can set emission targets, manage compliance and permits to support environment friendly practices.

Emissions reporting with Sustainability Cloud

One key product from the Salesforce family is Sustainability cloud – a powerful tool for companies to automatically calculate and manage emissions through rich data, reports and visual dashboards.

  • Automatically calculate emissions from operations.  Salesforce can be integrated into an organisation to automatically calculate direct and indirect emissions relating to operations, supply chains & distribution, product development & manufacturing, building usage, travel and more. Additionally Salesforce Sustainability Cloud gives staff an intuitive user interface to easily configure data and enhance calculation.
  • Manage emissions factors, offsets and assets. Salesforce supports complex emission calculations, manages emission factors across regions, manages emissions by organisational asset such as buildings, data centre, vehicles or employees, and is powerful tool for companies wishing to set targets and manage clean energy offsets.
  • Take action on emissions.  Sustainability Cloud provides insightful reports and visual dashboards powered by Einstein AI analytics. Leaders within organisations can easily identify areas of inefficiency, high emissions and use the data from Sustainability Cloud to create tangible plans to curb emissions and transform into a more sustainable company. The dashboards are easily exported for board presentations or for annual reports to shareholders.

How to select the right partner for a sustainable transformation

Choosing to become a sustainable company can take a village. CxOs, technology leaders, sustainability leaders and data experts all need to come together to drive sustainable outcomes. Deloitte understands challenges organisations may encounter and what’s needed to achieve success through the right team and mix of skills. We ourselves are on track to achieve net zero emissions by 2030.

Additionally, Deloitte is the preferred Sustainability Cloud implementation partner of Salesforce in APAC and the winner of the Salesforce APAC Partner of the Year Award.

Deloitte offers a range of services to get customers up and running on Sustainability Cloud. These services include:

  • Consultation from sustainability experts to assess sustainability needs.
  • A rapid one-day assessment to check eligibility for a three-week rollout plan
  • Digital services and thought leadership to deliver any additional requirements
  • On-going support to get the most out of Sustainability Cloud

To find out more and get started on your sustainability journey please contact us below.

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Sean McClowry

Sean McClowry

Partner, Deloitte Digital

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Paul Ashkar

Manager, Consulting

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