Aby Olival

Director, Risk Advisory

Aby Olival

Level 9, Grosvenor Place

225 George Street





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Data is now at the core of every business. It’s used to understand your customers and their needs and the markets in which your business operates. It informs decisions, gives insight into your operations to drive automation and can be used to give you an advantage through more efficient operations and predictive insights with ML/AI. And your data needs to be protected through cybersecurity initiatives.

I help organisations realise value from their data, driving business and technology outcomes and I aim to deliver exceptional customer service. I provide global experience and insight and have helped transform organisations globally working across industries including financial services, travel, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, government, and media.

I'm an entrepreneur and problem solver with proven commercial and financial expertise with particular interest in technology, building products, new ventures, travel and small business.

Aby Olival