Alexander Tan

Director, Monitor Deloitte

Alexander Tan

Level 9, Grosvenor Place

225 George Street





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Alex is a Director in Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy practice - Monitor Deloitte. He has helped clients solve strategic issues at the Board and CXO levels over the past ten plus years, with a market focus on shaping the most pressing market issues in Telco, Media and Entertainment and Consumer.

He specialises in formulating corporate and business unit strategies and designing enterprise wide business and operating models, helping organisations address their most complex problems and make better-informed choices.

As the world becomes more volatile, open and networked, he believes that the role of strategy has moved from defining and defending a long-term position into a constantly evolving dialogue. Collaborating with designers and tinkering with emerging technologies, he infuses analytical approaches with creative mindsets to ultimately create and design businesses, organisations, and societies of the future.

Alexander Tan