Cedric Hodges

Director, Deloitte Access Economics

Cedric Hodges

8 Brindabella Circuit

Brindabella Business Park

Canberra, ACT



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Cedric Hodges has led the national Deloitte Access Economics' Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) modelling team for over two years. Under his leadership the team has completed over 100 different modelling engagements across Australia and overseas while also presenting at multiple conferences and contributed to furthering the fields capabilities to model endogenous employment responses and skill/qualification attainment.

Cedric is based in Canberra and worked in the modelling area of Commonwealth Treasury for more than five years. As part of the Commonwealth Treasury team he helped develop their in-house CGE model, and delivered the modelling of government climate change policy and the modelling behind the Asian Century White Paper. He has a first class honours degree in economics, having written his thesis on CGE modelling, and a Master's degree from ANU where he is now completing his PhD. 

Cedric Hodges