Chris Collins

Director, Investment & Wealth Advisory

Chris Collins

Level 9, Grosvenor Place

225 George Street





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Chris has 14 years of industry experience and has been with Deloitte for 2.5 years. He specialises in investment risk, counterparty risk, performance attribution, model risk, enterprise risk, investment governance and processes. Chris currently assists clients with their investment risk program, investment governance including manager selection and monitoring frameworks, and ensuring their performance and model risk functions align with best practice.

Chris has industry experience working in investment risk / market risk functions in asset management, investment bank and hedge scheme industries. He was formerly the Investment Risk Manager at Nikko AM Australia with responsibility for building out and managing the market, counterparty and liquidity risk framework and shared oversight of Enterprise Risk Management. Prior to Nikko Asset Management, Chris worked as a Market Risk Analyst in the Equity Derivatives business at J.P. Morgan Australia.

Chris Collins