Craig Roodt

Director, Investment and Wealth Advisory

Craig Roodt

Level 9, Grosvenor Place

225 George Street





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Craig Roodt is a Director in Deloitte’s Investment & Wealth Advisory practice, with more than 20 years financial services experience across the investment value chain focusing on superannuation and investment governance. Immediately prior to joining Deloitte, Craig was the Head of Investment Risk at the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. His experience includes:

  • Developing key parts of the investment prudential framework in Australia, including SPS 530 Investment Governance and the Good Practice Guide to Unit Pricing
  • Leading specialist investment risk teams, reviewing investment and governance frameworks, policies and processes and customer outcomes at numerous superannuation funds and asset managers and recommending improvements.
  • Advising, developing and implementing liquidity management frameworks, processes, and stress testing programs, including investment strategy formulation.
Craig Roodt