Dr. Amina Crooks

Director, Consulting

Dr. Amina Crooks

477 Collins Street





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Amina joined Deloitte after three years leading Data and Analytics initiatives in Digital Transformation and Supply Chain in Telstra’s Consumer and Small Business Unit, which built new IT capabilities for faster and more efficient, cloud-based end-to-end customer insights for business decision-making.

Amina has a PhD from the University of Toronto in Canada, and spent several years as a Scientist at the University of Sydney in applied epidemiological and biostatistical techniques to study population-based issues in health. Amina is passionate about the dissemination and application of knowledge. She has been a University lecturer, supervisor of graduate students, scientific committee member, and a keynote speaker at national and international conferences.

In her new role as a AI Institute Director at Deloitte, Amina aims to be a catalyst in accelerating the infusion of AI into Australian organisations.

Dr. Amina Crooks