Emily White

Manager, Consulting

Emily White

477 Collins Street





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Emily works at the integration of human centred design, business strategy and innovation. Her purpose is to not only de-risk investment in organisational initiatives, but to positively impact and prepare society for our unknown future ahead. As such she is able to craft experience strategies and design interventions that enable the strategic growth of a business through tactile cues across key moments that matter. Working across workplace, retail, innovation labs and branded physical and digital experiences, she immerses herself in the market, the business and its people to understand the complexities of the stakeholder eco-system and identify the opportunities for positive change. With this approach, she firmly believes in the power of design and business to challenge assumptions, influence future behaviours and shape new cultural norms.

Most recently, Emily has been particularly focused on the ‘Future of Work’, re-defining what work means in a post-covid world and how to leverage the best of physical experience and virtual practice. Key this has been exploring organisational resiliency, identifying how businesses can thrive both now and into the future with an iterative mindset.

Emily White