Geoff Stalley

Partner, Financial advisory

Geoff Stalley

Level 9

Grosvenor Place





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Geoff is a senior corporate advisor with over 20 years of experience in assisting major organisations achieve value from complex transactions and major business transformations. Geoff has experience across a range of clients and industries including AMP, Westpac, Brambles, CSR, Qantas, Telstra, Caterpillar, Glencore and Origin Energy.

Geoff is also the leader of Deloitte’s IP Factory which helps Deloitte to explore, refine, commercialise and take ideas to market that differentiate existing services and/or create new services. The IP Factory acts like an ‘idea refinery’ taking the raw idea and adding value to it through a process that delivers products and services to take to market by various Deloitte teams. The IP Factory helps with innovation, global insights, market intelligence, developing new products and services, new businesses, alliances and transactions to ensure every investment Deloitte makes can realise its potential.

Geoff Stalley