Jack Gillespie

Director, Deloitte Digital

Jack Gillespie

Level 23

Riverside Centre





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Jack has been delivering real-time 3D solutions to clients for over seven years. He is a technology expert who specialises in augmented and virtual reality, brand experiences, configurators, and looking at how emerging technologies can be used to deliver meaningful impact with minimal risk.

Working at the cutting edge of software, Jack uses his broad understanding of creativity and software development to scope and design projects for learning, behaviour change, entertainment and advertising. He advises across many industries, including automotive, energy and resources, consumer brands, and public sector.

Jack’s uninhibited curiosity keeps him across innovations happening all around the world and he enjoys nothing more than exploring new ideas. Within Deloitte, Jack is passionate about Deloitte's people culture and making a social impact, in particular, using data to make smart decisions that have the maximum impact.

Jack Gillespie