Jason Makins

Partner, Consulting

Jason Makins

Level 9, Grosvenor Place

225 George Street





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Jason is a Partner in the Sydney Analytics and Cognitive practice within Deloitte Consulting. He is an innovator and passionate leader who prides himself in making a meaningful impact and inspiring the people around him. He specialises in business-led transformations enabled by best of breed technology, focusing on data, analytics and its’ application through business performance management. He has worked with a client based across Asia-Pacific (APAC) and is a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion to bring the best and diverse thinking to solve complex problems. 

Jason is a proven leader in growing and shaping relationships and technology alliances and currently leads the Deloitte’s Anaplan centre of Excellence in APAC. He is also responsible for bringing new disruptive technologies to market with a focus on the ever-evolving fast growing start-ups in the APAC region.

Jason Makins