Kristian Kolding

Director, Deloitte Access Economics

Kristian Kolding

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Kristian leads the Macroeconomic Forecasting and Policy team in Sydney. He specialises in the application of macroeconomic analysis and forecasts with regard to economic scenario analysis, transaction due diligence work, corporate strategy and policy development.

Kristian is a co-founder of Deloitte Horizon and was responsible for Deloitte Access Economics' macroeconomic forecast model for a number of years providing him with an integral knowledge of macroeconomic relationships as well as the practical nature of forecasting.

Kristian has experience undertaking strategic scenario engagements for some of Australia’s premier companies and the public service. He’s also co-authored a number of editions of Deloitte's primary thought leadership publication ‘Building the Lucky Country’ and presented for numerous audiences including Australia's premier Directors, CEOs, CFOs and senior public servants.

Kristian Kolding